Remembering Marlena!

Hello everyone! This website is intended for relatives and friends, in order to remember Marlena.

Her spirit remains alive with us forever!

Every time I am holding a notebook with recipes written by Marlena a wave of joy inundates me! Are the recipes perfectly written? Far from it, but this makes them charming! The use of “a sprinkle”, “a dollop”, “a little cap”, or “and milk”, “and flour” without an actual quantity, it is seen throughout the notebooks. Occasionally I will post a facsimile of the recipes. Hope these recipes will bring back good memories of the past!


Lemon Diamond

Very good!


Known also as “Tavalite”!

Cookies Una-una

This one is from aunt Ica

Cake Aurelia


Please contact me if you remember something about Marlena and you would like to share it, or if you have any suggestions!